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Posted on: December 12th, 2014 by Wayne Jacobsen 3 Comments

FC200Imagine you laying back in your easier chair or being caught in an exasperating commute to work and me sitting right beside you reading to you from Finding Church. OK, that doesn’t even sound fun to me. I wouldn’t sit next to you and read, we would get to talk. But the audio version of Finding Church is now available for download, so you can listen to me read it even though I won’t be right there beside you. Maybe we’ll get that chance up the road sometime.
If you’d like to listen to a sample, you will find Chapter 17, “Unity Without Conformity” on the blog at Lifestream. This is the high point of the book, in my view. It demonstrates not only the answer to Jesus’ prayer, but also why our attempts to produce unity through conformity are destined to fail.
If you’d like top purchase the audiobook you can do so from or, or download it thorugh iTunes.
Happy listening!

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  1. Harry & Chris Jacobson says:

    After reading the book several times it is a pleasure to sit and listen at times like driving, or nestling by the fire. We have been on this journey now for two years and although lonely at times, God is now bringing amazing people across our paths, not all Christians. But people we can just share with and love and building relationships with. People in the institution we left do not understand why we did. Though we still have great friendships in there still and I am asked to talk there on occasions. This gives us the opportunity to share not just how much he loves us but how God loves us. Thank you Wayne and Sarah

  2. Harry & Chris Jacobson says:

    Just two years into this journey and it has not all been plain sailing. After managing a Christian Conference Centre for 12 years, the new assistant manager turned on us and told untruths about us and we ended up leaving. We took legal advice and could have fought and gone to court but felt God saying to walk away, which we did last October. The Trust paid us 9 months salary, which if we were supposedly in the wrong, why? ?
    We are sure they felt guilty over their decision. We had already had difficulty finding a “church” .
    1992 to 1998 We had been in a large middle east country working with the underground church for 6 years. This was just like the fellowship of the book of Acts. Coming back to the UK we found it difficult to settle into the institutionalised meetings.
    Then in early 2013 I came across the Shack and “So you don’t want to go to church anymore”. We started expressing our feeling in our place of work at the Christian Centre.
    In the past year we have met a few friends God has brought across our path and we are learning to live loved in a real and vibrant way. No longer do we bear any animosity to the assistant manager and we are leaving that with God. We are living a new life and as he brings people across our paths, we are building new relationships. “Finding Church” expresses ALL that we feel. The Bible is being read in the light of the “Jesus Lens” and is opening up new conversations. The Lord bless you and Sara.

  3. Ruby Neumann says:

    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the audio. I first downloaded the Ebook and read it. Then I downloaded the audio book and would listen to it during my commute. I have over an hour a day in my daily commute to and from work. I have downloaded not only Finding Church, but the Jake book and He loves me and Bo’s Cafe. I enjoy listening to them over and over in random order. They never get boring and there is always something else I can pick up that I missed before. I am back on the second run through Finding Church.

    I feel, at times, like I am holding the Hope Diamond and I can’t tell anyone about it or share it with those close to me, because I fear it would turn from the Diamond to a live hand grenade.

    Jesus told stories, but only interpreted them to those who were ready to listen. I think it is something I heard on a GJ podcast about pigs and pearls. The pigs can’t digest the pearls and it will kill them when consumed.

    Patience and perseverance is the greatest challenge on this journey. The temptation is to run back and pull people farther up the course. And then I realize that they are where they are for a reason. I have to walk where I am walking and trust Jesus is walking with me where I am at and trust Jesus is also walking with my loved ones where they are at.

    When I back off of the need to move others along quicker… I realize that I still have a long way to go yet too.

    And the question becomes.”What can I hear today and how can I follow Jesus today?” And then in my passion to run to keep up, I find out that Jesus is walking right beside me, with me.

    “Don’t worry, Ruby… I will take you there. We will go together. I will always be right here with you.”

    How comforting it that!!!!

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