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Finding Church is Now Available in a French Translation

Posted on: May 29th, 2017 by Wayne Jacobsen

Finding Church is now available in French as Découvrir l’église, thanks to the translation work of a dear friend of mine, Silvio Viotti from Switzerland.  He has translated many of my books into French as an act of love for the French-speaking world. Thank you, Silvio, for your service to the Gospel in this way. I hear from so many who are touched by the availability of these books in French. The evangelical community in France is incredibly small and those looking outside the borders of the traditional congregation are even smaller. So these don’t sell in great quantities there, but they do provide some encouragement to those who are learning to live more freely in the life of Jesus.

If you know anyone who wants FINDING CHURCH in French, they can find it here.  It is only 9€ for a copy. (They also have He Loves Me as Il M’aime! and So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore as Alors tu ne veux plus aller à l’église?)

It is also available in GermanDutch, and Spanish as Encontrando a la Iglesia in free PDF Download.  You can find links to all our international translations here.

In addition to the original book in English, it is also available by audio through Audibles and iTunes. Also, there are a number of us doing a study through Finding Church, just about to start Chapter 15 at the Lifestream Discussion Forum.  You can join us where we are or start back at the beginning.

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