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There is no slow bleed; the mass exodus from local congregations is a stubborn fact. So why is Wayne Jacobsen so hopeful? Because dispersion and isolation need not be the endgame. Jacobsen is finding church—the fully functioning family of Christ that transcends institutions—networking everywhere. I would especially invite Jesus-loving ex-churchgoers to borrow his eyes so they might share his hope.

Brad Jersak, Ph.D., author of Can You Hear Me?
Abbotsford, BC

Finding Church is a riveting and challenging read that prompts its readers to seriously reconsider the definition of church. With courage and compassion, Jacobsen states what millions of Christians intuitively know but can’t admit, while sharing his passion for a church that every believer craves.

Derek Wilder, author of Freedom
Life Transforming Group, Andersonville, IN

For that endless stream of people I meet who love God but either cannot bring themselves to re-enter the institutional church world or who are feeling great pain from abuses they cannot understand at the hands of leaders who subverted what we call church, Wayne Jacobsen’s book will be a great encouragement. Without overlaying a new structure, he reminds us that living for and with God is far simpler than we ever imagined and that God still knows our address. Rare is the invitation to relax in God’s love and love others, and it is enough.

Gayle Erwin, author of The Jesus Style
Cathedral City, CA

In Finding Church, my friend Wayne Jacobsen offers Christ’s way to a home for those who have searched for it congregation to congregation all their lives. The answers he offers come long after he has learned to live it and they are as free and freeing as the Gospel itself!

John Lynch, co-author of Bo’s Café and The Cure
Scottsdale, AZ

Finding Church is for the weary, the restless, or the earnest disciple who longs for intimacy with Jesus and his people. It is a vision of what church could look like if we weren’t spending so much time and energy attending to our institutions and instead were living in the same reality Jesus did, with an eye on his Father and compassion for people around us. Let Wayne help you discover the church Jesus is building. There really is something more.

Dan Mayhew, author of The Butterfly and the Stone
Portland, OR

Yet again Wayne Jacobsen draws from his fascinating journey of following Jesus to produce a challenging book, Finding Church.  And where he finds “church” may surprise you! Because church is literally anywhere where Jesus is with his followers.  From helping us understand leadership to grappling with what it looks like for everyone’s contribution to be important, Finding Church is actually a description of finding Jesus in our everyday life with His people.

Tony Dale, founder of Sedera Health and House2House

At the beginning of my detox process from organized religion I read So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore.  It affirmed the feelings I had for years were not rebellion, but the prompting of the spirit to lead me away from lifeless religion. Now Finding Church affirms everything The Lord has been showing me over the past five years:  that Jesus is the builder of the church and that we would do well to stop trying to help him. When we trust Jesus to assemble us, not merely for meetings, but organically and relationally, we experience the reality of his church and so does the world around us.

Vince Coakley, radio talk show host
Charlotte, NC

This book is the capstone of Wayne Jacobsen’s life-long quest to discover the nature of our Lord’s church. It’s presented without spin and without agenda, other than to live in his love. Each of Wayne’s books has been the equivalent of a doctoral dissertation.  Offering the same remarkable depth of insight and understanding, this is a personal best.  It’s not just a home run; this time he hit it out of the park.

Bob Lanning, missionary in India
Ripe Harvest Ministries, Bedford, TX

Finding Church is written by one who is not throwing stones. Just the opposite. His love for the church can be found on every page, even as he beckons us toward something more—the very real New Creation.

Bob Prater, former pastor, entrepreneur
Bakersfield, CA

If you have tried every Christian conference, attended every kind of church, and gone through numerous programs for deeper spirituality, but cannot shake the “Is this all there is?” feeling, do yourself a favor and read Finding Church. In a gracious and loving way, Wayne Jacobsen provides encouragement, hope, and direction to all who have known that there must be something more to this thing we call church but have almost despaired of finding it. You may find that the church you long for might be sitting right next to you as you read these very words.

Jeremy Myers, author of Put Service Back into the Church Service,
Portland, OR

Like all of Wayne Jacobsen’s books, Finding Church is an engaging and graceful work that is rich in insight. He presents a simple, beautiful, and incredibly freeing picture of what it means for believers to come together, and how the community of believers can operate without an institution pulling the strings.

Mick Mooney, author of An Outsider’s Guide to the Gospel
Sydney, Australia

With the integrity and objectivity one hopes for from an author and based on decades of his experience and study, Wayne Jacobsen tackles one of today’s growing questions in his new book Finding Church: Is the church a place we go or who we are? Jacobsen offers perspective and insight on ecclesiology—the nature of what is generally known as “the church.”   If you are ready to ask the who-what-when-where-why-and-how questions about the church then you are ready for Finding Church.

Greg Albrecht, author of A Taste of Grace
Plain Truth Ministries, Pasadena, CA

Wayne has always been a blessed source that gives us language to describe what we are all feeling. Be ready to put on a new pair of glasses that will allow you to see the church that has been hiding right in front of you all these years—a church free from human effort, alive in the Spirit and built by Jesus himself. By changing the focus of the conversation, Wayne opens the way to have a much more fruitful dialogue as we gaze at the church that Jesus is building.

Barry Steinman, iconoclast, peacemaker, writer, and fellow pilgrim
Oceanside, CA

This book will challenge those wedded to the traditional image of the church, but don’t let that scare you. This is what we have all felt sitting in the pew and rethinking our “default setting” about his church. Wayne reminds us of things we thought we knew but must learn again. The Church is not the bricks and boards of the building but the blood and bones of people in a growing relationship with each other with Jesus as the head.

Nick Sembrano, contributor to the Theophilus Group
Kingsburg, CA

Finding Church offers wisdom, hope, and godward, practical direction for those who have experienced frustration or hurt in man-centered systems. But it does more than that as Wayne shares the vision and certainty of Jesus building his church, his way. Wayne is uniquely positioned to write this book with years of experience in different Christian settings and then years beyond it in freedom and a growing love relationship with him. This has included travel around the world to connect with many who are joined by bonds far higher than loyalty to a leader, group, or organization. He points us to Him who is the Way and opens up the glorious potential of His headship in his people. I highly recommend it.

David Rice, retired science teacher and brother on the journey
Co Wickow, Ireland

I loved this book! From the moment I started reading it, I found my heart coming alive with renewed hope for seeing and experiencing a true expression of New Testament “church life” in my generation. For years I’ve struggled with a gnawing sense that there had to be more to church than what I had encountered in religious institutions, but I really didn’t know where to turn. After reading Finding Church, I’ve discovered that there are countless possibilities for experiencing kingdom life in the conversations and relationships I engage. I highly recommend Wayne’s book.

S.J. Hill, Bible teacher and author of Enjoying God and A Love for the Ages
Cromwell, IN

It’s about time someone wrote a book like Finding Church! Without condemning those who see it differently, Wayne has found a way to explain why people are disillusioned with our religious systems and how they are discovering a church beyond it that they find so enjoyable. He speaks for me too!

Silvio Viotti, IT specialist
Vallorbe, Switzerland

Finding Church is a mature reflection on the extensive and unique experience Wayne Jacobsen has had over many years with individuals and groups who are exploring the reality of fellowship with the Father, His Son, and one another, free of the trammels of institution. The message is timely and will be strongly encouraging for others to press on in their own search for church as Father wants it to be.

Jack Gray, retired surgeon
Auckland, New Zealand

If you find it difficult to be true to yourself while being part of a group based on religious conformity, read Finding Church. You’ll discover it is possible to be uniquely you and, at the same time, be part of this beautiful family Jesus is building, who are encouraging, supporting, and caring as they learn to live in God’s love.  The church is alive and well. We only need eyes to see it the way he does.

Kevin Tupper, founder of Christian Simplicity, Inc.
Haymarket, VA

Each page of Finding Church will lead you on a compelling journey to discover a church beyond our manmade structures and behold it as the fruit of a new creation that thrives in freedom and love and depends on transformation from within not conformity imposed from without. Illustrated by experiences from his own life, Wayne shows how a culture of mutual honor, love, and respect opens the door to a oneness of heart and purpose that can transform the world.  This inspiring and challenging book is a must read for all who hunger for something more than what we call church today.

David Fredrickson, author of The Church Has Left the Building
Family Room Media, Citrus Heights, CA
Austin, TX

Living in an age of conformity and pretense brought about by the constant pressure of religiosity to perform or else, Wayne’s insights are a welcome call to change within the church community for freedom in the love offered by Jesus.  His book encourages us to understand and accept that Father is looking for those who trust Him without having first to win His approval.  Finally, a book that dares to confront the self-centeredness of what passes for Christianity….

Dave Coleman, retired hospice chaplain
Visalia, CA

Wayne has taken his years living both as a leader inside the institutional church and outside its walls and crafted a book that reads like a conversation shared between fellow journeyers who have set out on a pilgrimage to find a treasured promise. He describes the church with conviction and deep affection, revealing that she is alive and growing all around us, within our culture and communities and even our own souls. Throughout Finding Church, the heartbeat of the Father and His relentless and incomprehensible love is prevalent. Wayne addresses the hard and confusing questions that invariably arise when one attempts to unglue oneself from religion, with both kindness and wisdom. This is an invaluable book for anyone who has experienced “frustration at the disparity between (their) hungers and (their) experience” in the institutional church, and a great encouragement to those who have already embarked on the journey into the unknown, outside of its walls.

Janna Lafrance, author of A Girl Named Grace
Ajax, Ontario

Wayne Jacobsen is just like most people who will pick up this book—a sincere believer who genuinely wants to live the Christian life to the full, but who is, at the same time, very conscious of his own weaknesses, and those of the Christian church.  As he tells about his personal journey, however, he reveals how, bit-by-bit, his attitude of the Christian Life and the Christian Church changed—in many positive ways. I myself found that every chapter contained insights that were hugely helpful, and I couldn’t keep my highlighter away.  I am convinced that any enthusiastic Christian who follows the book through will find a new zest for following Jesus and his people.

Stan Firth, author of The Remarkable Replacement Army
Surrey, England

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