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I Didn’t Think I Could Feel This Way

Posted on: November 12th, 2014 by Wayne Jacobsen No Comments

FCSwirlthmbA special thanks to those of you who’ve written to me about your experience with Finding Church, and for those who’ve posted reviews on I’m really blessed to hear how this book is resonating with your journey.

Here’s a sampling from last week:


I didn’t think I could feel this way about a “Christian” book anymore. Definition without dogma, so difficult to do! I can’t read it in one setting; it’s too far reaching. Spectacular comes to mind. Invigorating.


This is what the world is hungry for, desperate for, a depth of reality and truth that when they scratch the surface they find more and not less, they find a compassionate, broken yet whole Church who know what it is to be LOVED, and without agenda or arrogance spread the fragrance of the One who makes it possible. So the journey is on, from the desert to the City whose builder is God, You have marked the path with Finding Church. More than breadcrumbs, it is a clearly marked less traveled road.


I just finished reading Finding Church. I love how His truths become clearer over time as we simply walk with Him in what we do understand. This is new space and I am treading softly in it but enjoying it immensely!!!! Your book has resonated so deeply with me and the Journey I am on I can hardly believe we just met and I have only heard about you for about a year now.

You have written of things I have seen in visions and dreams and heard from the Father in private and yet it is being broadcast all over the world!!! My heart can hardly contain the joy this brings to me! There is no doubt His Kingdom has expanded because of this book. The aroma of the Father I am coming to know wafts from the pages! It was like taking all the best from all of your books and putting it into a story that unveils His bride in a way I have never seen done with words!

Thank you for the great work of love it took to complete and publish it! I am looking forward to a second read to glean what I overlooked this time around!

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