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Book Discussion Moves On to Chapter Two

Posted on: May 26th, 2016 by Wayne Jacobsen 2 Comments

Two weeks ago I began a book discussion group that will work through Finding Church, hoping to spur people on not only to recognize the church Jesus is building in the world but to learn how to recognize it around them and participate as he desires.  Every two weeks we will take on a new chapter.  You can catch up on chapter one if you want, or just join us on chapter 2, The Community of a New Creation.

The first chapter was about opening our eyes to the idea that a better church is in the world than the one most people see. The second chapter challenges us to look to relationships that reflect his glory to help us see the reality of his church. When our passion shifts from trying to change our broken institutions, to celebrate the relationships of love that God stirs around us, we will be more free to embrace the church Jesus is building.


Jesus’ church is not a human creation. Rather, it is the fruit of the relationships of those who are part of a new creation—the redeemed race of humanity that relates to him as the head… It’s just that our conformity-based structures cannot produce the internal transformation necessary for the church to take shape among us.”

Over a hundred people have signed up to share their insights and probe questions that will help them embrace the reality of his work in the world. You can join us too, whether you simply want to read the stories and insights of others, or participate by sharing your own journey.

You can find the forum here.  You can read entries without registering, but to participate in the forum you will need to register.  Grab a cup of coffee, or a cold drink and come join us every week or two and let’s explore the book together.


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2 Responses

  1. Jay Lewis says:

    Just joined the conversation. Happy and looking forward to hearing the collective wisdom of the Saints.

  2. Jay Lewis says:

    I am going through the book for the third time. I guess a part of me is hoping I will read it differently each time. However as a pastor and current staff member, the truth I find on these pages is hard to deny. We are living in two expressions of the church. One, we are in the institutional church as staff. The second we have a home group that meets in our home. I have to say, the home group most resembles the church I read about in the scriptures. My wife and I both love the church, but the expression in the western church has left us craving more. I look forward to hearing the discussion as we move along in the book.

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