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What Jesus Taught About the Church

Posted on: July 6th, 2016 by Wayne Jacobsen 3 Comments

(Picture above taken from A Man Like No Other. Copyright 2011 and used with permission.)

Our Book Discussion on Finding Church continues at the Lifestream Discuss Forum.  You’re welcome to join us, or just read over our shoulder as we work our way through that book.  Today we are beginning Chapter Four:  What Jesus Taught Us.

Whenever people talk about “the church” all they an think of is the building on the corner or the the Sunday morning meeting and the institution that surrounds it. This idea of “church” arises from planning, organization, budgets, and leadership. This chapter is designed to shatter our images of his church as an institution and begin to see it as the fruit of a kingdom where people are learning to live in the power of self-sacrificing love.


Our way of organizing congregations in the twenty-first century has little in Scripture to commend it. We spend more time making the Scriptures fit our preconceived view of church, rather than deriving our understanding of church from the Scriptures themselves.

Our view of “church life” today has far more to do with institutional identity, meetings, rituals, ethics, and doctrines than demonstrating what a community of Godly love looks like. From that foundation, it is difficult to find our way into the reality of Christ’s church. Maybe he didn’t talk so much about the church because it was not the means to his end. What if he knew it was simply the fruit of his working and that it takes shape quite easily wherever people learn to follow him?

You can find the forum here.  You can read entries without registering, but to participate in the forum you will need to register.  Grab a cup of coffee, or a cold drink and come join us every week or two and let’s explore the book together.