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What Others Are Saying…

Posted on: June 9th, 2015 by Wayne Jacobsen 1 Comment

I have met few people or read few authors who have a critical eye without having a critical spirit. Wayne Jacobsen is one of those rare men and authors. In his recent book, Finding Church, Wayne sheds light on what the church was been created to look like in all of its (super) natural beauty. He also reveals the many forms of botched cosmetic surgery that has been inflicted upon it. Clarity, desire and grace for what God calls His church–you get it all in an abundance.

Gary Barkalow
Author of It’s Your Call and founder of The Noble Heart

Church Refugees Is (Finally!) Out

Posted on: June 5th, 2015 by Wayne Jacobsen No Comments

churchrefugeesIt seems like I’ve been talking about this book for months. I have, actually. Church Refugees was finally released on Monday and it is an amazing read, even if you have to negotiate some uncomfortable language.
Some will be uncomfortable because it blows up the myth that you have to attend a local church to have a meaningful and and fruitful journey with Jesus and his people. Some pastors have questioned whether this research should even be out there “to confuse believers.” One Christian book chain is not even going to carry it.
Others will be as uncomfortable as I was with the use of terminology. In this book “the church” is only the institutional congregations that gather weekly. Those who don’t attend are refugees, “Dones”, and even worse, de-churched! I don’t consider myself a refugee or de-churched, but I’m called that on every page. While I don’t appreciate how the terminology is distributed in this book, read past it and you will see that the church Josh and Ashleigh are really writing about is far bigger than any or all of ours institutions can contain.
The church is his family growing in the earth and though some of it gathers in institutional settings, a significant part of it is growing outside those walls to great effect.