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Posted on: October 12th, 2014 by bwdgraphics 3 Comments

The last chapter of Finding Church invites its readers into a larger conversation, one that I hope goes on primarily in living rooms, coffee shops, and congregations all over the world as people discover how to best engage the church Jesus is building right where they live. I pray this isn’t just a conversation about the book, but about the ideas that may help us engage each other with love and honesty as we seek to find that something more.

As of May 2016 we are beginning an on-line book discussion that will take us chapter by chapter through the book. Wayne will be participating asking questions to help people in the material, and answering questions people might have about the book. You’re welcome to join in there.

We are also providing ways to extend that conversation through the website. Here are some places where you can engage others with your hopes, concerns, experience, and questions that can help the conversation expand. And if you include your home town wherever you make comments, you just might find others near you who are also wanting to share in this conversation.

Where can you do that?

  • Comment on the blog at
  • Post on the Finding Church FaceBook Page.
  • Using the hashtag #FindingChurch on twitter posts.
  • Posting a review or comments at, Nook, and iBooks.
  • Post quotations and comments on your social media
  • We will also be building the blog at with contributions from those who’d like to ask a question or share some of their experiences. You can send them to them to We won’t be able to post them all, but will take as many as we can from those most appropriate. Keep your posts as short as possible if you want others to read them.

If you’d like to post artwork on your website in support of this effort, you’re welcome to use any of the following:









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